noka: keeper of worlds trailer intrigues

I didn’t know Noka: Keeper of Worlds even existed before I stumbled onto a trailer for it while travelling around the backwater roads of the internet.

Noka is a film directed by one Shaun Escayg, who’s mostly worked as a visual effects person and animator, most notably for the epic video game The Last of Us and schlocky sci-fi adventure Outlander, a film I irrationally love.

Noka’s plot goes something like this:

Eight-year-old Gabriel has been treated for a rare form of schizophrenia all his life; a disease he inherited from his recently deceased grandfather. While attending his grandfather’s funeral, Gabriel encounters an old “friend of the family” who claims Gabriel and his grandfather weren’t sick at all but are instead gatekeepers for an unseen supernatural realm. Gabriel must abandon all he knows and loves to fulfill his purpose, his legacy, as a NOKA.”

The storyline describes something vaguely similar to Pan’s Labyrinth, what with a troubled child and a fantasy underworld that demands great sacrifice of said child.

It’s obviously a low-budget indie project and will be released directly online in May. Additionally, the site advertised is still “under construction” and there is no info on IMDb at all about it. But the glimpses of the creature animation and action alone in this trailer tell me that this film might just sneak up on a few people in the coming months. Plus, the cinematography seems very measured and well styled, with some nifty focusing tricks and tracking shots. If the dramatic aspect can follow suit, this might be quite a good film. I want to see – and know – more, at least.

Trailer intrigue: 8.5/10
Wanttoseerightnowness: 7.5/10
Anticipated quality of actual film: 7/10
Overall grade: 77%

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