godzilla (2014) – international trailer

The international trailer for Godzilla shows a little more of our friendly neighbourhood monster than earlier ones. Just a little, but still, a little. The mixture of the global destruction depicted on-screen, Bryan Cranston’s enraged voice and the tease of even more monsters than Godzilla itself adds up to a roaring minute and a half.

There shouldn’t really be any doubt left in anybody’s mind that Gareth Edwards’ new adaptation of the legendary Godzilla has no business being compared to Roland Emmerich’s 1998 abomination. This latest trailer should clear up any remnants of apprehension about the upcoming monster blockbuster. Rarely has the moviegoer in me been as glad to live in the UK and not the USA, because we’ll get the film A WHOLE DAY before the Yanks. Roll on 25 May!

Trailer awesomeness: 8.5/10
Wanttoseenowrightness: 9.5/10
Anticipated quality of actual film: 8/10
Overall grade: 87%

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